3D Animation

Explore concepts for storyboarding, modeling, texturing, lighting and animation.  Learn post-production techniques for film and broadcasting; design, create and integrate video games and game assets; and develop of content for the internet while working with outside clients.

Students also learn applicable fine arts skills such as basic drawing, elements and principles of design and figure drawing while exploring the history of animation.

Industry software that is used includes 3ds Max, Maya, and Unreal game engine.

Second-year students participate in internships or externships in the design field to build strong resumes and industry credentials.

For announcements and updates about the 3D Animation program, text evitgaming to 90210.

Course Code: DA10

Length: 2-4 Semesters

Dual Enrollment:  Computer Animation (3 credits), 3D Modeling for Animation (3 credits), Modeling for Digital Media (3 credits), Adobe Photoshop (3 credits)

Recommended:  2.0 GPA, (1) Math course, (1) English course  

Possible Careers:  Interactive Media Designer, Digital Animator, Game Designer, Digital Graphic Designer

Average Entry Level Salary: $16 - $21 per hour