Fire Science (Fire Fighting)

Prepare for employment in the fire fighting field and learn how to help protect, educate and serve the public. 

Gain experience through various hands-on training skills including live fire training, search and rescue, high rise tower drills, and the operation of fire apparatus and equipment used by local academies.

The first year provides an overview of basic fire science fundamentals and the EMT program.  Second-year students gain experience through physical training, team activities and demonstrations by local, state and federal agencies. 

This course requires extensive bookwork, physical stamina, strength and coordination.

For announcements and updates on the Fire Science program, text evithero to 90210.

Course Code:  FF10

Length:  2-4 Semesters

Recommended:  2.5 GPA, (1) Math credit, (1) English credit      

Dual Enrollment: Fundamentals of Fire Prevention, Introduction to Fire Suppression, Fire Hydraulics, Fire Apparatus

Concurrent Enrollment:  Hazardous Materials/First Responder, Wildland Certification

Certifications:  CPR, Wildland Certification, Aircraft Rescue Firefighter (ARFF) Certification

Possible Careers:  Fire Fighter, Fire Inspector, EMT, Paramedic

Average Entry Level Salary Range:  $20 - $23 per hour