Emergency Medical Technician

People’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of illness and injury, assess and treat patients, administer oxygen and provide basic medical care.

Training consists of coursework and hands-on experience designed to help prepare students to administer immediate care, stabilization, and immobilization of victims in emergency situations.

Benefits of becoming EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT) certified 

Job Opportunities

As a certified EMT in Arizona, you can work for ambulance services, hospitals, fire departments, and other healthcare facilities. Arizona has a growing demand for healthcare professionals, and being a certified EMT can increase your chances of finding employment in the state.

Competitive Salary

EMTs in Arizona earn an average salary higher than the national average. With additional training and experience, you can also advance to higher-paying positions within the field.

Opportunities for Advancement

EMT certification is the first step towards a career in emergency medical services. With additional training and experience, you can advance to become a paramedic, supervisor, or even a director of emergency medical services.

Personal Satisfaction

Being an EMT can be a rewarding career that allows you to help people in their time of need. EMTs play a crucial role in providing emergency medical care to those who need it most, and knowing that you have helped save someone's life can be incredibly fulfilling.


EMTs in Arizona often work 12-hour shifts, which can offer a more flexible work schedule than traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Additionally, some EMTs work part-time or as volunteers, which can allow for more work-life balance.

EVIT Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) PROGRAM


For specific start dates and end dates, please visit our program information page or contact an Enrollment Advisor at 480-461-4110. 


Adult-Only Program

  • EVIT Main Campus, 1601 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Blended Program

  • EVIT Main Campus, 1601 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201



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