Ground School and Flight Training

Prepare to take and pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot Written Examination.  Students concurrently receive their training in an University of North Dakota flight training program at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. 

Course Code: AV20

Length: 1 Semester

Recommended:  2.5 GPA, (1) Math credit, (1) English credit

Prerequisite Course:  Aviation Spectrum (AV05), Systems for Pilots (AV10)

Certification: FAA Private Pilot License

Concurrent Enrollment: Private Pilot Ground School (5 credits), Private Pilot Flight (2 credits)

Possible Careers: Private pilot, Commercial airline pilot, Flight instructor, UAS operator

Average Entry Level Salary:  $20 - $35 Per Hour

Additional Information: Concurrent enrollment with Chandler-Gilbert Community College is required.