EVIT School of Health Sciences - Behavior, Mental & Social Health Services

Prepare for a career in behavioral and social health as behavioral health technician or mental health technician.  This certification can lead to job opportunities as a case manager, parent aide, family advocate, respite worker, and paraprofessional counselor. Certified Mental Health Technicians may work as a part of a team and care for emotionally disturbed and mentally ill patients.

Job opportunities are found in both public and private hospitals, nursing homes, and residential mental health facilities. Duties may include coordinating mental health services, patient interviews, treatment documentation, as well as helping patients with their personal needs.

This two-semester program will provide foundational modules in care delivery systems, legal/safety requirements, introduction to basic mental and social illnesses, disorders and conditions as well as strategies to improve mental and social health and resources to problem solve and promote well-being.

• This is a dual enrollment course. For more information, visit the Dual Enrollment page.
• Students will be randomly drug tested.

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Course Code MC65, MC66

6 high school credits completed
2.0 GPA
Length 2 semesters
**Students will be randomly drug tested
Campus Locations • EVIT Main Campus

Certification • Arizona Article 9 Certification
• Mental Health Technician
• Psychological First Aid

Possible Careers Behavioral Health Technicians, Case Managers, Parent Aides, Family Advocates, Respite Care Workers, and Paraprofessional Counselors

Average Entry Level Salary $13-15 per hour