Redistricting Process

East Valley Institute of Technology

Governing Board Redistricting Process

Why redistrict?

  • The Cave Creek Unified School District #93 joined EVIT in 2018
  • The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office determined that EVIT must redistrict now to equalize the populations of its nine Board election districts over the larger geographic area created by adding the new district.
  • The population numbers for this endeavor will be based on the just-released U. S. Census American Community Survey for 2018. 

Redistricting Criteria - Districts must:

  • Have substantially equal populations;
  • Protect minority voting rights pursuant to the federal Voting Rights Act; and
  • Be contiguous – it must be possible to move to every part of a district without leaving the district.

Redistricting Criteria -
Districts should:

  • Be compact, as compactness reinforces the ability of residents to relate to each other and to their elected representatives;
  • Follow visible or man-made boundaries, such as mountains, rivers and roads;
  • Preserve communities of interest where there are shared common social and economic interests.
  • Strive for continuity in office to minimize voter disruption and avoid election contests between incumbent Board Members.

Population Goals for New Districts

  • With the addition of Cave Creek Unified School District #93, the total population of EVIT is now 1,818,416, according to the latest available Census numbers.
  • That population total, if divided equally among EVIT’s nine districts, yields an “ideal” population of 202,046 persons per district. 
  • Three of the existing districts have minority race or ethnicity populations of 45 percent or more.  Three of the new districts should be drawn to maintain those proportions as close as possible.

We Want to Hear from You!!

  • Complete a public input form NOW on the District’s website.
  • Attend and submit comments at public Open House meetings.  See this website for dates, times and locations.
  • A second round of Open House meetings in March will display proposed maps for public comment.
  • A final map will be adopted by the Board in April.

Redistricting Open House Meetings

Three Open House meetings have been scheduled for the purpose of allowing the public to learn about the redistricting process and to answer any questions. 


These meetings are scheduled to take place as outlined below. 


A second round of public meetings will be held in late March to display and seek comments on the maps being considered for adoption by the Board of Governors.  Those dates, times and locations will be announced shortly.

January 13th

January 27th

February 10th

EVIT Main Campus

Governing Board Room

1601 W. Main St., Mesa

6:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.

EVIT Fountain Hills Campus

17300 E. Calaveras,

Fountain Hills

6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

EVIT East Campus

Building 3 - Lecture Hall
6625 S. Power Rd., Mesa

6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.