Electrical & Power Transmission Installation

If you enjoy working with your hands, figuring out how things work and trouble-shooting, a specialized construction career in Electrical and Power Transmission Installation could be perfect for you. Students in this program learn how to install indoor and outdoor residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems and associated power transmission lines.

This includes instruction in electrical systems, safety procedures, wiring, insulation and grounding, schematic blueprint interpretation, equipment operation and maintenance, and applicable codes and standards.

Industry-driven curriculum helps prepare students for employment, apprenticeship or post-secondary education.

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Course Code EPT10, EPT20, EPT21

Prerequisites  6 high school credits completed
2.0 GPA

Length 2-4 semesters

Campus Locations EVIT Main Campus

Certification Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 10/30;
Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) – Level 1 Apprentice
Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship; National Center for Construction
Education and Research (NCCER) Core; NCCER Electrical Level 1;
NCCER Electrical Level 2; NCCER Power line Worker Level 1.

Possible Careers Electrician, power line worker

Average Entry Level Salary $17-$20 per hour