EVIT News Parents Can Use - Sept. 2021

EVIT News Parents Can Use - Sept. 2021
Posted on 09/23/2021
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Hello, EVIT parents! This is the third in a series of newsletters to give you more information about the East Valley Institute of Technology and how your family can get the most out of career and technical education. Today’s topic: Choices.

EVIT is privileged that your family chose our school. Our career training programs are not just an elective to fill out a high school schedule. They are a big commitment and our students often make sacrifices to fit their EVIT training into their lives. Most high school students who attend EVIT take half-day programs for two years – literally a full year of their high school education. So we want to make sure they get the most out of their decision to attend EVIT. The everyday choices they make now can have a big impact later.

Prep for the workplace

Everything we do at EVIT is designed to get your student ready to enter the workforce – whether they become employed right after high school or later after they attend college. While they are at EVIT, they are expected to demonstrate the same behavior that employers expect in the workplace: Arrive on time, be prepared, wear their uniform or other appropriate attire, and be respectful toward their teachers and classroom colleagues.

Employers often tell us that EVIT students know their hands-on skills, but need to work on their “soft skills,” such as communication and working as a team. Parents can help by encouraging their student to approach their EVIT training not only as a learning experience but as an opportunity to become a professional ready to enter the workforce. Encourage them to talk about what they are learning at EVIT and what they want to do after they complete their training.

Social media

Most employers today Google prospective employees and check their social media. So now is the time to see what kind of profile your student has online and especially on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. A good rule to follow: If you wouldn’t want an employer to see it, don’t post it.

It’s also a good idea for your student to set up a profile on LinkedIn.com that can be updated as they complete their training, get hired or go on to college. LinkedIn is a helpful platform for networking with others in the same industry.

Stay on track to graduate

Students can lose the opportunity to attend EVIT if they fall behind in their academic requirements at their high school. If they become deficient in credits to graduate, they may have to drop their EVIT program to return to their high school to take more required classes. Students who are concerned about this should check in with their high school counselor to make sure they are on track to graduate. EVIT counselors can also assist the student by reaching out to their high school counselors. To find your student’s EVIT counselor, click on this link: https://evit.com/high_school_career_training/evit_counseling_office

Teachers as mentors

Every EVIT instructor has worked in the industry that they are training your student to enter. There is no one more qualified to help your student understand what it’s like to actually do that job. Parents can help by encouraging their student to seek out their teacher if they have questions and to be an active participant in class discussions. Parents are also welcome to reach out to their student’s instructor to learn more about jobs in that industry and what their student needs to do to be ready for the workforce.

Would you like to teach?

EVIT is in need of substitute teachers who can fill in when an instructor is ill or has another emergency. We encourage parents to apply! Substitute teachers are required to hold and maintain a valid Arizona IVP Fingerprint Clearance card and a valid Arizona CTE teaching certificate or a valid Arizona substitute certificate. For information on obtaining your fingerprint clearance card: https://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/fingerprint-clearance-card-ivp For information on teacher certification: https://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/forms-and-information/certificates

Rate of pay ranges from $18 to $25 per hour depending on qualifications and the content being taught. For more information, please contact EVIT Human Resources at (480) 461-4112.

Joey’s story

In honor of EVIT’s 30th anniversary this year, we are shining a spotlight on our successful alumni. After an injury sidelined Joey Liberatore’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player, he discovered that through EVIT training, he could still pursue his passion for baseball – in broadcasting. Today, he is the broadcasting and media content coordinator for the Oakland A’s. Read Joey’s inspirational story: https://evit.com/news/what_s_new/alum_pursues_baseball_passion_with_evit_training

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