Future Engineers

This program will prepare students to pursue an education in engineering and related fields. Students will be challenged to develop solutions to engineering problems. They will also learn the skills to communicate, work in teams, and solve mathematical, scientific and logistical problems. This will be accomplished through lecture, laboratory work, guest speakers and industry field trips.

EVIT Future Engineers EVIT Future Engineers EVIT Future Engineers

This course is a project-based course where students learn to use tools and engineering skills. Those students moving on to the second year class will work on a capstone project.  

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Course Code IT60, IT61, IT62, IT63

Prerequisites  At least 6 high school credits, including 1 Science credit, 'B' or better, 1 English credit, 'C' or better, 1 Advanced Algebra credit, 'C' or better, and concurrent enrollment in another Math course
On track to graduate or a plan for graduation
2.5 GPA or equivalent standardized test scores 
Length 2-4 semesters

Campus Location EVIT Power Campus

Certification Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Pre-Engineers Certification

Possible Careers Environmental Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Specialties and Emerging Technologies

Average Entry Level Salary $75,000 for a Professional Engineer (requires a four-year college degree); $35,000 for an Engineering Technician (usually requires a two- or four-year technical/non-engineering degree)