Fire & Emergency Services

Prepare for employment in the fire and emergency services, learning how to protect, educate and serve the public. Gain experience through various hands-on training skills, including live fire training, search and rescue, high rise tower drills and operation of fire apparatus and equipment.

The first year provides an overview of basic fire science fundamentals and technical rescue.

The second-year students continue fire service training into more advanced areas including wildland firefighter, emergency medical technician, vehicle extrication, employability, driver operator of emergency vehicles, aircraft rescue firefighting, and preparing for firefighter candidate physical fitness test, which includes strenuous physical activity, including running and completion of strenuous hands-on physical activities related to firefighting. Also included in second year is hazardous materials response and live fire training. 

EVIT Fire Science  EVIT Fire Science EVIT Fire Science

**This course requires a physician's school physical.
**Students will be randomly drug tested. 

Note: This is a dual enrollment course. For more information, visit the Dual Enrollment page.

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Course Code FF10, FF20, FF25

Prerequisites  6 high school credits completed
2.0 GPA
Length 2-4 semesters

Campus Locations EVIT Main Campus

Certifications Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Wildland Fire Fighter Certification
National Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT)
NIMS 100, 200, 700

Possible Careers Fire Fighter, Fire Inspector, EMT, Paramedic, Wildland Fire Fighter

Average Entry Level Salary $20-$23 per hour