AWS Accredited Test Facililty Certification


The East Valley Institute of Technology is
an American Welding Society Accredited Testing Facility.

The EVIT ATF is a third party ATF that conducts welder qualification testing for the AWS Certified Welder Program using a Certified Welding Inspector.

Generally, hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM.  We follow the EVIT campus calendar for holidays and closed days. Click on the link below to view the EVIT Calendar.

• EVIT Calendar

Optional Welder training, bend testing, etc. is available upon request. An option to apply for nationally recognized AWS Certified Welder Program is available. A minimum of 48 hours prior to testing time is required for registration, and a minimum of 24 hours prior to testing must be given to cancel a test.

To get a view of the testing facility, click here.

Test Details and Pricing:

A photo ID (such as drivers license) is to be brought by the applicant to the testing site at the same time of testing.

The maximum test time on 3/8" plate is no longer than 3 hours.

A retest can be no sooner than the following day. The cost for the testing is the same amount that the applicant paid for the original test. If a third test is necessary, the time frame will be determined by the applicant and the CWI.

Tests include 3/8" and 1" plate thickness that meets AWS D1.1 requirements in 3G/4G positions.

1" thickness qualifies a welder for any thickness of metal.
3/8" thickness qualifies a welder for up to 3/4' thickness.
SMAW , GMAW or FCAW process can be used for any thickness.
GTAW 3/8" thickness coupon

Test includes
1 coupon for each position, 2 specimens per coupon.
Individual positions (like 1G or 2G) 1 coupon, 2 specimens: $350
3G and 4G: All position cert for $450.
Materials provided here, welded here.

Location and Contact Information

East Valley Institute of Technology
1601 West Main St. Mesa AZ. 85201
Building 8, Room 001: Welding Lab

Contact Information

Willard Deemer
Phone: (480) 461-6765
Email: [email protected]

Albert Hirata
Phone: (480) 461-6713
Email: [email protected]